Stefanija Popovska

Xamarin Developer | .Net Developer

Stefanija Popovska is mainly working as a Mobile Application Developer focusing on cross-platform, comfortable working with framework independent solutions for mobile apps. She has a special devotion for Xamarin framework. In parallel, she experiments with DevOps practices that bring reliability and saves so much time for developers, most importantly reduces stress when deploying apps to the market. More particular with Azure DevOps and App Center services. Other than that she loves to take part in community events and share her knowledge with other IT enthusiasts. In her spare time, she attends many sorts of cultural events and is always open to meeting new people and opportunities. She is enthusiastic and full of positive vibes.


Podcast – Mobile Application Branding using Azure DevOps More on: ​https://kerry.lothrop.de/devtalk-24/

Community commitments

– Meetup speaker – Xamarin UI Tests using Azure DevOps and App Center – Rochester Xamarin Meetup – 11 Nov 2020 Rochester, NY

Link: https://youtu.be/_zPpyVcPo4A

More on: https://www.meetup.com/Rochester-Xamarin-Meetup/events/274279499/

– Mentor – FEIT Android Workshop – ​Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technologies​ ​-​ ​01 Dec 2019 – 20 Dec 2019

– Conference speaker – DevOps: Continuous delivery for Xamarin application, Azure DevOps and App Center – XamExpertsDay ​- ​25 Oct 2019, Microsoft, Cologne Germany

Link: https://youtu.be/Jx3KSPfIMeo

More on:​ ​https://expertday.forxamarin.com/

– Local technical organization coordinator – Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019 – June 15, 2019,
Hotel Porta, Skopje Macedonia
More on:​ ​https://globaldevopsbootcamp.com/

– Conference Speaker – DevOps: Continuous delivery for mobile applications- CodeCamp ‘18 – 17 Nov 2018, Fon University, Skopje Macedonia
More on: ​http://codecamp.mk